Joel Cooper


Joel is and Illustrator, Graphic Recorder, Live Scribe and Digital Artist living in East London, but working worldwide.
Clients include: Ludic Creatives, National Grid, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Prudential, SAP, WIPRO, Salford University, Tower Hamlets Borough Council, Duke CE, Cadbury, Beyond Certainty, Fujitsu, Anglo American, Ludic group, Radar Station, Purple Monster,, AOL, Affiliate Window, Basis Technologies, College of Art, Science and Engineering - Dundee University, PASCAL Universities for a Modern Renaissance, BlueFin Solutions, University of Hertfordshire, Ctrl-Shift, Coral Leadership, Creative Partnerships, World Skills 2012, Appleyards, Amberlight, BBC, Existems, New Experience, UCB, Oxford University Press, National Deaf Children's Society, Acord, Arcadia, Tesco, National Union of Students, Shell, Red Cross, Microlise.

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